Business Areas

Business Areas

Turbocharger Systems

We import and distribute the world’s leading turbocharger brands, such as GARRETT, 3K, SCHWITZER, IHI, HOLSET, MITSUBISHI and TOYOTA.
We stock new and reconditioned original turbochargers for all brands, but we also market parts for repairing turbochargers, for e.g., core assemblies, chargers or exhaust turbines.

We are the exclusive distributors for MELETT in Portugal. MELETT is a British company world leader in the manufacture of quality parts for the repair of turbochargers, operating in the market since 2000 and present in more than 100 countries. MELETT is undoubtedly a premium brand in the turbo repair quality parts business, clearly different from other existing companies in the market, especially those from the Far East. We stock more than 1,000 parts to meet the demands of an increasingly more competitive market.


For business customers Melett also provides access to the world’s largest database regarding the identification of turbos and parts for repair, with over 2450 references available. An essential tool for the turbos professionals.

Melett released one month ago to its line, new Turbos with OE quality which is expected to fill an important gap in the market for turbochargers, positioning the price level between the new turbos OE and remanufactured and can be an excellent solution to the customer.


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Diesel Injection Systems

We import and distribute the major diesel injection brands. We stock a broad range of original products, such as injector pumps and complete, new and reconditioned injector port sets, air mass meters and additives. We work with the best brands in this line of business – BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, STANADYNE and VDO – who are the best in the diesel industry in the world.

We are the exclusive distributors in Portugal of the reputed Italian brand FIRAD, a company that manufactures injector nozzles, parts or valves for the repair of injector pumps, and also high flow injector nozzles for diesel vehicles, which, because of their higher fuel delivery, achieve better performances.
We are the exclusive distributors in Portugal of STAR DIESEL, the Italian brand that produces parts for the repair of injector pumps and feed pumps.

Our know-how is at your disposal.



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Alternators and Starters

M.F. Pinto SA is, since May 2016, the exclusive distributor of the DTS Electric for Portugal, a company that markets starters and alternator product ranges.
The introduction in the market of these new products is part of M.F. Pinto’s diversification strategy for 2016. Our main selling points are quality, competitive price and stock suited to market needs. The DTS Electric starters and alternators comply with the most stringent quality and safety standards of the automobile industry. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and ambient temperatures from -30 °C to +60 °C. To ensure a long service life and proper operation, all components of starters are manufactured with high quality materials.

The DTS Electric starter pinions are manufactured in special hardened steel with a high quality surface. The chamfered sides of the gear teeth ensure the proper coupling with the engine flywheel, avoiding damage to the pinion and engine flywheel, and enabling the perfect transfer of starter power.

High quality shaft sealing rings are used to protect the internal parts from humidity. The DTS Electric planetary gear sets use only high resistance sprockets, in order to ensure the long-term operation of the starter.

garantiaThe range of DTS Electric starters and alternators is supported by a most extensive catalogue containing all references and the necessary information so that the product can easily be identified. It also contains a section with the pictures of all items and a full list of equivalences for all manufacturers.
These products are new and have a 24-month guarantee.


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MF PINTO SA is the exclusive distributor of CIMAT in Portugal, a company that manufactures turbocharger VSR balancing machines, as well as dynamic calibration flow benches.

CIMAT is a leading brand in this line of equipment since 1987. The company was recently bought by the Burke E. Porter Group, an American company established in Michigan.

Some of the equipment available is the CMT48 VSR TWIN BIG, which is the result of many years’ experience and collaboration with turbo workshops and manufacturers. This balancing machine is characterised by its high efficiency and precision and was specifically engineered for high rotation core balance of turbos in passenger and commercial vehicles. This machine can test cores up to 110 mm in diameter.


Note also that the TURBO TEST PRO, for calibrating turbo geometries, enabling the testing and adaptation of the variable geometry mechanism with the help of the air flow meter according to the manufacturer’s specifications. One of the main sales arguments of the dynamic version is that the turbo is subject to the same conditions as if it were mounted in the vehicle. This equipment is supplied standards with all the adapters for placing the turbo in the machine, so you won’t need to purchase them later.

The new version of Turbo Test Pro is already equipped with a unit to reprogramme electronic valves.

Click here(CIMAT videos) to see how this equipment works.


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Air Suspensions

M.F. Pinto SA has added air suspensions to their portfolio distributing quality brands such as BILSTEIN, ARNOTT, WABCO and AMK. These are original brands that equips the leading car manufacturers and have 2 years of factory warranty. All necessary technical assistance is provided by M.F. Pinto. We have over 500 references in stock and can delivery throughout the country in 24 hours.
The introduction in the Portuguese market of this new range of products is part of M.F. Pinto’s diversification and quality strategy.


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AC Compressors

Starting from March 2020, M.F. Pinto began the exclusive distribution of the air conditioning compressor brand DTS CLIMA.
With this new partnership, our company is focused on a high quality product with 2 years of warranty and which, we believe, will become a reference brand in the national aftermarket.
We have now available in Lisbon and Oporto an important stock of more than 280 references, which will allow us to cover about 80% of the light passenger vehicle market.
The introduction in the Portuguese market of this new range of products is part of M.F. Pinto’s diversification and quality strategy.

EGR Valve

Starting from the 1st of May, MF Pinto will began the distribution of the prestigious EGR valve brand, BORGWARNER WAHLER. In fact, MF Pinto was appointed as WAHLER official distributor for Portugal, which is a first equipment brand and part of the BORGWARNER EMISSIONS SYSTEMS (BWES) group. BWES provides global and highly efficient solutions that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, including EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and coolers. WHALER offers a wide portfolio of original EGR for the Aftermarket, with the quality seal of an OEM brand.
WAHLER is now available in stock in Lisbon and Oporto.

Braking Systems

MF PINTO started on the 1st of February 2022 the marketing of the prestigious brake brand BENDIX. With 98% of vehicles covered, BENDIX offers one of the widest ranges of high quality braking products on the market, precisely developed and rigorously tested for maximum performance.

As an official BENDIX distributor we have a large stock in Lisbon and Porto, being able to make several deliveries a day. BENDIX is at MF PINTO!

Filters and Radiators

In April 2021, MF PINTO has began the distribution of the prestigious German 1st equipment brand, MAHLE, which has been manufacturing filters for automobiles, trucks and industry for more than 100 years and also radiators for automobiles. At the moment we have already a large stock available in our warehouses in Lisbon and Porto, with over 1000 references in stock and two deliveries per day, to better serve our customers.

Steering and Suspension Systems

MF PINTO will began the distribution of the 1st equipment German brand LEMFORDER, which provides steering and suspension components, as well as high-quality glass elevators. The entire range of LEMFORDER products is already available in our warehouses in Lisbon and Porto. For more information, please check our website or contact our team!